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I am a professor for Differential Psychology and Assessment. For several years, I have been concerned with research, lectures, consulting, and providing services in the field of psychological assessment, personality psychology, and research methods. I worked at different universities and research institutes in Germany and abroad. Currently, I teach in the bachelor (BSc Applied Psychology) and master programme (MSc Psychology) of HSD University of Applied Sciences in Cologne, Germany.

I conduct research in various areas of assessment such as Big Five, motivation, values, and person-environment correspondence, as well as different aspects of assessment/survey methodology, for example, short scales, response styles, rating scale formats, data fabrication, and scaling methods. As project manager of PISA 2018 item development in Luxembourg, I was involved in the development of educational tests. My research is widely published in more than 50 research papers, including 25 peer-reviewed publications. I am first and co-author of several assessment instruments.

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